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In today's stormy markets, good decision-making rests on the right combination of knowledge and experience. That's why so many traders continue to turn to CRB; the industry's most trusted resource for critical market information and analysis since 1934.

Among CRB's most widely respected and consulted publications is their compendium of market information, The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Charts (published since 1977). This book provides a comprehensive overview of past and current markets unlike anything available from any other source - and at a lower daily cost than the cup of coffee you drink while you make your trading decisions.

For years, knowledgeable traders have turned to The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Charts to provide the long-term perspective that is a cornerstone of successful trading. With its wealth of information and authoritative sources, The CRB Encyclopedia is the guide to intelligent trading in the commodity and financial markets.

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This treasure-trove of information is an absolutely essential source for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs.
- Steve Forbes, President and Editor in Chief, Forbes

The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Charts represents a priceless resource for any serious or would-be-serious participant of markets in general and futures markets in particular. For me, it's like the Bible
- Leo Melamed, Chairman and CEO Melamed & Associates

As a technician, I favor intelligence in my trading decisions.... Anyone wanting answers of this type has them at their fingertips and doesn't need to go through any searches. It's all right there!
- James E. Schildgen, President, Schildgen's Intelligence Review

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Extraordinary Highlights

  • A complete array of long-term price charts that cover all the major markets, going back up to 80 years.
  • Essential charts for setting short-term and long-term profit targets, placing stops, and predicting trends.
  • Historical survey of each major market sector illuminating the factors that are likely to move the markets in the future.
  • Annotated list of key world and market events that have driven price action.